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The LAB’s mission is to give Teens across the River Towns a place to create, produce, activate and lead projects they are passionate about.

Located in the Fellowship Hall of South Presbyterian Church, The LAB offers: central location in the River Towns, performance and meeting space, and a kitchen. High School Producers are paired with professionals to enhance their leadership.

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Marie-Louise Miller

Director, The LAB

Marie-Louise has been working with kids and youth since 2008 as a teacher and mentor. She is also a Professional stage director and dramaturge, working professionally in cities in Europe and the US for 2 decades. 


Marie is excited about this new opportunity to give teens a space to work out of, to become leaders, to explore and get to know kids from other places.


Founding Producer, Space

Zach Navarrete (he/him), of Hastings High School, is a producer for The LAB. He plays piano, runs track, loves dogs and cooks a mean paella!

Maeve Gorham.jpg

Founding Producer, Sound and Lights

Maeve is a senior at Dobbs Ferry High School. She joined the LAB in 2022 as a performer and sound tech. This year, she runs both sound and lights for Middle and High School Open Mics. AND she performs!


Producer (2022-23)

Is a ninth grader from Dobbs Ferry High School who likes to play guitar, sleep, and pet her cat, Mimi. She founded the Middle School Open Mic Series as an 8th grader last year.


Middle School Producer (2022-23)

Is a musician from Dobbs Ferry Middle School. He plays violin and piano, and is a big fan of video games. He is glad to be a part of The LAB!

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Founding Producer, Lighting

Bo Hopwood, of Hastings High School, consulted on lighting.

Doug Epstein REV.png

Advisor, Music

Doug Epstein is an award winning recording engineer, music producer, and music educator. He’s been teaching Music Technology, Music Theory, and Composition at the Horace Mann School.

Bee Herbstman REV.png

Founding Producer, Theater

Bee Herbstman (they/them), Jr. at Hastings High, loves to write songs, sing, and perform. They have a dog named Draco who only has four teeth. They are so excited to be a part of the LAB! 


Producer (2022-23)

Is a sophomore at Hastings High School. She has been interested in the arts since she was 10 and she greatly enjoys putting together performances, while also meeting new people through The Lab.


Producer (2022-23)

Bryson is a senior at Dobbs Ferry High School, and most importantly a member of the Dobbs Ferry High School Band. He plays saxophone, piano, and will sing if needed. Bryson is so excited to be a part of the Lab!


Middle School Producer (2022)

is a 9th grade student at Ardsley High School who is excited to be a producer for the middle school open mic! She likes to read fantasy and science fiction books in her free time.

 Adam Galland REV.png

Founding Producer, Music

Adam Galland, is a musician and a Dobbs Ferry High School Sr. He plays guitar, baseball, and is a devoted candy connoisseur. He is so excited to see what we all produce - together.

Zach Navarrete REV.png

Founding Producer, Music

Simon Levine, of Hastings High School, is the sound producer for the LAB.


Producer (2022-23)

I am a Junior at Ardsley High School! I am the president of my school’s drama club and I’m a varsity cheerleader! I love to perform and lift others up through the power of music!


Producer (2022-23)

(she/her) of Hastings High School, is a triple threat who is often seen wearing the same pair of green pants. She’s performed in over 21 productions, including musicals, straight plays and film. She is thrilled to be working with The LAB!


Producer (2023)

My name is Aden! I'm a senior at Dobbs Ferry High School and I've done tech for five years. I love all things music and clarinet!


Website Editor

Sophie is a sophomore at Hastings High School. She is passionate about fashion and digital design as well as art. She is glad to be able to work at the LAB!

Eliot (2)_Original.HEIC

Founding Producer, Music

Eliot is an actor, vocalist, and currently a senior at Ardsley, High School. He is the Drama Club President and proudly a NYS State Thespian Officer in 2021-22. He loves to sing and is an avid sports fan. He is also excited to work alongside The LAB!

David Lovett REV.png

Advisor, Lighting

Since moving to America over 20 years ago, David Lovett lights shows for a variety of professional dance and drama companies, including in the UK and Off-Broadway, and for a number of dance schools. He also works for BTC in Hastings.

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